La Imprenta Editores began its corporate history in 1979 at the initiative of Mr. Jorge Eduardo Chavarriaga Villa, focusing its activity mainly in the field of lithographic printing.

Thanks to his previous knowledge about the printing field as General Manager of Editorial Retina and Administrative and Financial Manager of Cromos, he opened a range of clients with his old acquaintances. With the opening of its first office located on Calle 63 in Bogota, the journey of this story begins.

From its beginnings to the present, La Imprenta Editores has witnessed a great transformation in terms of technological equipment, the technical preparation of its personnel, and of course, in the way of conceiving the work in terms of quality, professionalism, delivery times, and extensive knowledge.

Due to its exponential growth in more than a quarter of a century, the organization has gone through different production centers until it moved to its current headquarters, where its offices and production plant are located with more than 2,500 M2 in a strategic area of high commercial and industrial impact. Thanks to the help of its nuclear family, La Imprenta has constantly prepared itself to be at the forefront of theoretical, technical,and practical knowledge in this field.

In 2006 Felipe, his eldest son, completed a Master’s Degree in Print Media at the London College of Communication in England, being the only Colombian to have this type of training. This generated in the company a stage of gradual technological renovation until a plant with all the technical characteristics of any European company in this business segment was built.

In 2008, Esteban, his youngest son, studied at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, bringing with him new knowledge to the commercial and communications area to provide the organization with a younger dynamic and aligned to current times.




We carry out our activities with strict standards of familiarity and professionalism, efficiently performing our operations, complying with the regulations, policies, and norms of the graphic and commercial sector, with impeccable morals and total respect for our clients.


Our best present and future capital is all our personnel, first priority and support of our relationships. We want to consolidate the commercial ties with our clients, being the reason why we spare no effort in order to fulfill our commitments.


We are highly recognized for our unquestionable ethical quality, our commercial morality, and a deep respect for our clients and collaborators. We care deeply about consolidating long-lasting relationships based on the strictest principles of honesty and transparency.


We coordinate and integrate efforts among the members of the company to achieve results. Our staff identifies with the objectives, goals, and standards agreed to fully comply with our corporate purpose. By optimizing available resources to the maximum and working together, we promote responsibility, cohesion, dialogue, autonomy and service vocation.



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