Environmental care starts with a good management of the industrial waste generated by the printing industry operation.
At each stage of the production process of a job, different wastes and residues accumulate and require special care and treatment when they are handled in order to be classifed and separated according to their environmental impact.
The proper handling of chemical substances and leftovers, resulting from our operation, is a fundamental part of the policies of La Imprenta Editores S.A.. Assuming a corporate culture based on sustainable development, we are committed to the environment and society by controlling and reducing the environmental impact we generate, using, for example, ecological inks and working with FSC certified paper.
We assume responsible policies that ensure a clean production, and a minimized use of natural resources and energy. In a high-impact ecological approach, we reuse the cleaning rags used to clean the machine rollers to extend their useful life. Waste, ink, toner, and roller cleaning residues are not disposed into the sewage system because they are carefully separated and discarded first. Leftover guillotine, inks, thinners and oil stains from dripping machine trays are monitored and controlled periodically.
We strive to ensure that the raw materials used in our processes are eco-friendly. The final disposal of waste, carefully separated and subsequently recycled, is carried out by certified companies, which weekly collect the previously separated paper waste (scraps) and take it to waste conversion industries, which convert the material into new products such as toilet paper or Eternitt tiles.
We minimize the negative environmental consequences of corporate activities and decisions, contributing socially and economically to activities that benefit the company’s different stakeholders. We respect human rights with decent working conditions and actively and voluntarily contributing to the social and economic improvement of our community to advance the construction of a competitive, equitable, inclusive and peaceful Colombia.


La Imprenta Editores S.A.
Bogotá, Colombia.
Calle 77 No. 27 A – 39
PBX: (57-1) 240 20 19
FAX: (57-1) 630 56 71



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